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Enchanting Mountain panorama

Healthy mountain air, a slow glacier wind, dense forests and warm-hearted people. The high mountain landscape of Solda with its 115 kilometres path network is known as one of the most favourite hiking areas of South Tyrol. There are routes for pleasure hikers as well as for ambitious mountaineers. Around the Ortles area you can find themed paths and alpine tours for all levels and difficulties. The hotel Julius Payer is a great starting point to climb numerous three-thousanders.

Solda is located in the midst of Stelvio National Park at an altitude of 1900 to 2000 metres. The village is situated in a basin, surrounded by high mountains. The timber lines are at an impressive height of 2400 metres. This turns Solda into a unique place in the Alps region.

Discover nature at the foot of Mount Ortles

Solda is surrounded by 14 three-thousanders. The highest peak of South Tyrol and also of the western Alps is the 3905 metre high Ortles.
Varied pathways and trails around the summit of the Ortles lead you to a unique mountain world. This region is ideal for hikers, walkers and climbers. Modern and comfortable lifts bring you to an elevation of 2600 metres, from where you can reach many huts and meadows.

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Superlative summit experiences

The mountains Ortles, Gran Zebru and Cevedale have fascinated mountaineers from all over the world since the beginning of alpine history. Narrow ridges and impressive walls are waiting to be climbed. You can benefit from the experience and knowledge of the local mountain guides.

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Improve health in the midst of the highest mountains of South Tyrol

A holiday at a high altitude of 1900 metres like Solda is very beneficial for your health, says a study conducted some years ago by the Medical University of Innsbruck.

  • The low oxygen partial pressure in the air leads to the body exerting itself more even without any fitness training at all. It forms more red blood cells and the thyroid galvanises the metabolism.
  • The water from Solda taps is as clean and pure as water that comes from the mountains. This type of water certainly has very positive effects on the skin when used for very normal purposes such as washing, bathing or showering. This applies particularly to people with neurodermatitis or other skin irritations.
  • Solda is a fountain of youth effect. Where the air is thinner, more is demanded of the organism. It then produces more young, powerful blood cells that transport oxygen into cells.
  • For top class endurance athletes, training at high altitudes has long been part of the programme.
  • The shorter the route of solar radiation through the atmosphere, the higher the proportion of short-wave UVB radiation. This is important when it comes to the formation of vitamin D3. As an area of pure air, Solda has optimum UVB radiation. A 14-day stay in Solda – even in the winter months – covers one’s entire vitamin D3 needs for a year.
  • The dry and clean air as well as the temperature are responsible for the absence of house dust mites and for a changed composition and concentration of pollen.
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Let our bikeguide guide you

Adventurous trails, technical terrain and panoramic views. Experience and discover the bike paradise Venosta Valley, Solda and Stelvio National Park on two wheels.

Experienced mountain bikers will find in the Ortles region unique high mountain tours. Passo Madriccio, Tibet trail or Goldsee trail – our in-house guide Stephan will be happy to show you around.

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Our offer for bikers:

  • guided mountain bike tour
  • technique practice
  • We are happy to plan the tour which is right for you.

Solda is an ideal starting point for spectacular high-alpine tours. One absolute highlight is the Passo Madriccio, with an altitude of 3123 metres is the second highest mountain pass traversable by mountain bike. A breathtaking and technical skill demanding descent leads you towards the Lodge “Zufallhütte” into the Val Martello. Passo Stelvio is also a good starting point for beautiful tours such as the Lago d’Oro trail or the Tibet trail.